What is 360 Invite ?

360invite is a digital invitation website that helps making inviting a fun and easy process.

Plan any kind of an event, be it birthday party, wedding invites, bachelor party, get together etc invitations can be sent in a variety of ways. Reaching out to guests on a single platform through SMS, Email, Voice and over Facebook .

What can I use 360Invite for ?

360Invite can be used for any event/party/celebration where you need to invite guests.It can be used for big parties like weddings or small and quick ge-togethers.

Some of the examples we think of:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Family get-togethers
  • Religious events like Pooja's, Diwali celebrations, Holi Celebrations
  • Charity Events
  • Talk shows
  • Business Meets
  • Boys/Girls Night Out

What are voice invitations?

Voice Invitations allow you to record the invitation message in your own voice(by calling our automated phone number) and send it to all your guests as a voice SMS message in one go. It is a very personal way of inviting your guests and you can use any language you like. This avoids the process of calling each guest individually. The guest recieves a phone call, and when he answers it, your invitation message starts playing immediately.

What are Mobile Invitations?

Mobile Invitations are sent in the form of SMS to your guests. The SMS message includes a link to a mobile page for your event. Users with Smartphone can see all the details about your event by clicking on the link. They can also tell if they want to attend the party or not using their Smartphone.

Non smart phone users are provided with a number which they can call and get details of the event. The missed call is free for them.

What are Web/Online Invitations?

Web Invitations are sent as email to your guests. The email will have a link to your event page. They can see all the event details on the event page and tell you if they will be attending the event or not.

What is Mobile Page in SMS invitations?

Smart phone users can view your event details and respond to it directly on the phone by visiting the mobile page. The link to the mobile page is sent in the SMS invitation message


Why is it named 360invite ?

360invite, caters to all angles to invite people. We aim at providing a one stop platform to make an even successful by providing all ways to send invites.sss

Why is this in Beta?

360invite.com is a new website with several ways if sending invitations. It is one of the first ones in the space of providing a one stop website aiming to give all functions to send an invite.

As we fine tune the services, we are in the beta phase, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

Why cannot I send phone Invitations between 9pm and 9am ?

According to the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), Unsolicited SMS and Voice Calls can be sent to users only between 9 am and 9pm. For more information about the regulation visit:

Why do I need to verify my phone number ?

360Invite is intended to be an invite site and has a very strict anti-spam policy. To avoid spamming and to ensure that the invites are genuine, we need to verify your phone number.

  • If you call our number to record your Voice Invitation message, we automatically verify your phone number.
  • For other types of mobile invites, you have to give a missed call to verify your phone number

Why do I need to verify my e-mail id ?

If a guest replies to your e-mail invitation, the mail will be sent to your registered email-address. For this we need a valid email-address. Also, to avoid spamming and to ensure that the invites are genuine, we need to verify your email-id.

Who ?

Who can use 360Invite?

Currently, 360Invite is open to all Indian residents aged above 13 yrs .

Who can I Invite using 360Invite?

You can invite any friend or guest who has a mobile phone, email-account or facebook account using 360invite.

Whom do i contact with questions?

For any questions related to bugs and service interruptions kindly email us on contact@360invite.com

For feedback and suggestions email us at admin@360invite.com

As the host, how can I change my reply, number in party or RSVP comment?

Go to your invitation from the login You'll see the edit event page, click "Edit Invitation." Click "Edit Guest List." You'll be able to edit the details you want to, If you don't have any more edits to make, click "update and continue"


Where is the message to guests on my invitation ?

Once you have created an event and finalized on the options which you wish to send these invite via (SMS/Voice/Email/Facebook) your invitations will be sent accordingly.

If it is an SMS it would reach the guests mobile inbox, if it is a voice invitation that you have recorded, the guest would receive a call. Guests whom you have decided to send an email invite would receive the invitation on their mail box. Where as facebook you can select to send a private msg, leave it as a post on your wall or on your friends wall.


How can I upload my own image for my invitation ?

A few cards have been designed keeping in mind requirements where you would want to upload your own image on the cards. You may double click on those images and uploads your photo.

How can I send out reminders for my event ?

Once you have created your invite and have added your guests to the guest list, you will be prompted to options on if you wish to "send it now" or "send later" kindly set the time and the date to which you wish to send these reminders on.

How can I make my event recurring ?

Stay tuned! We're working on adding this feature.

Will I be able to invite contacts from my 360invite.com address book ?

Yes! Just sign in after you click the "Contacts" button on the Add Guests step (if you're not already signed in), and you'll be able to access your contacts. You can either click the checkbox by the contacts you want to invite or just start typing and you'll see match contacts' names appear. Note: Depending on how many contacts you have, it may take a few seconds for your contacts to appear.

You'll be able to organize your contacts to your relevant groups from your 360invite address book.